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Your first Video Game you beaten?

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Street Fighter 2010 for the N.E.S. for me.

May 06, 17 at 4:18pm

I grew up with an atari so my first game I ever beat was centipede

May 09, 17 at 2:00pm

@kuygen: Very cool! I used to play that in the Arcades! I think we also had it for atari, too, along with Burger Time & Pitfall. Thanks for sharing!

May 09, 17 at 8:47pm

Yea, i had old consoles and such way after the current stuff was around lol, i had a nes when the n64 came out then the n64 when the gamecube did and the game cube when the 360 came out and i havent had an xbone yet xD went to pc from 360

May 09, 17 at 9:11pm

In some way you'd get the last generation of the console instead when the new generation console came out? lol That's kinda how it was with me. When I barely got the 360 I was like; "Finally I'm hip and caught up with everyone!" Then the new console comes out lol

May 09, 17 at 11:09pm

Pretty much lol

May 10, 17 at 6:00am

Megaman X for snes

May 11, 17 at 12:50am

Hi blank! I remember that game. The first time I played it was at a video rental shop in the early 90s. We would pay money to play it in the shop on a tv. I remember also paying to play Street Fighter II on the snes, too even though they had the Arcade too. But we had infinite continues. I remember beating Mega man X early 2000s. Thanks for sharing :)

May 11, 17 at 3:46am

Occasionally Play x - x6. They don't last very long but still fun to play even to this day. I don't speed run but my goals are to beat them with no damage or less hit as possible

May 11, 17 at 4:00am

Ah I see. I only beat Mega Man X once. A few years ago I gave my copy with damaged box & manual away as a gift though. I do remember enjoying the game too.

May 11, 17 at 4:07am
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