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Your first Video Game you beaten?

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Hive: That's a classic! loved the beam that Links sword shoots! Beat it early 90's! Thanks for sharing :)

May 13, 17 at 11:31pm

Hard to say with 100% certainly as I was very young, but the game I can recall beating first was Sonic the Hedgehog 3 on the Sega Genesis.

May 14, 17 at 9:50am

Richaadokun: you know I never beaten any of the sonics? Haha I gave all my sonics away as a gift. Mint condition, too! Thanks for sharing! :)

May 14, 17 at 1:30pm

If I remember right, I think the first game I've beaten was Spyro 2 - I still love the ever loving crap out of that game and it took me months to beat it when I was little, now I can do it in a matter of hours!

May 16, 17 at 2:38pm

InfernalMonsoon: Nice! I've only played Spyro on the original Xbox. But, didn't play it longer. I mainly got it for my nephew & niece! Thanks for sharing! :)

May 16, 17 at 6:21pm

First game i've beaten was probably Crash Bandicoot for ps1 :D
I still love playing Crash series, but only the ones that are for ps1. I'm not a big fan of the latest ones :P

May 17, 17 at 12:37pm

For me it's either Super Mario World or Final Fantasy IV for the SNES. Probably Super Mario World.

May 17, 17 at 1:37pm

Sipsi: Ive played some bandicoot games. I also have a manga of it somewhere but cant read it since its japanese lol but I bet it was fun beating it! Thanks for sharing. :)

Bumbaloe: Ive beaten snw! Did you complete the special levels too? Thanks for sharing!:)

May 17, 17 at 2:29pm

Pokemon red/blue

May 17, 17 at 4:37pm

Pokemon red/blue: I've played a couple of Pokemon on gameboys before, but, I've never beat any lol
And they seem fun to play! Thanks for sharing! :)

May 17, 17 at 4:42pm
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