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The Persona Thread

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Persona 4 Golden is my best game of all time. I also loved Persona 3 a lot, enough for it to be my next cosplay. Can't wait for 5 to come out!

Mar 17, 17 at 5:42am

Anyone playing 5 yet? I just beat the "bad touch sensei", and am really enjoying it so far!

Apr 05, 17 at 2:27pm

As odd as this might sound, I'm having difficulty adjusting to the moveable camera.

Apr 05, 17 at 4:32pm

Like what kind of trouble?

Apr 06, 17 at 11:07pm
Vamxlight commented on The Persona Thread

Yep, 5 is really good. Only about an hour in so far but I'm really enjoying it.

Apr 07, 17 at 5:26am

5 hours into the game and the content already has involved teacher/student abuse, and suicide. Thank you Persona for having the balls to be an M rated game.

Apr 07, 17 at 11:32am

Just finished up with Futaba's stuff myself. She's too cute!

Apr 07, 17 at 8:23pm
silverkitsune commented on The Persona Thread

Persona 4 is my favourite,i love the characters and the anime was really good too xD

Apr 09, 17 at 12:15am

Im a big persona fan here, played all of them with P4 being one of my favorites! already have p5 and its a blast

Apr 09, 17 at 12:23am
silverkitsune commented on The Persona Thread

Iv really wanted to give that a try but need a console to play it xD

Apr 09, 17 at 12:29am
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