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The Persona Thread

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I actually played persona 4 first and got hooked. Then I played Persona 3 only to be left with that sadness. Now I am currently playing Persona 5. So far, I am loving Ann, Makoto and Ryuuji. And okay, Yuuske with his eccentrics haha. And all the additional game in features are awesome :D

Apr 17, 17 at 6:29am

I beat it a few days back. If my brother wasn't playing through his file right now (Damn that snallygaster! He wakes up before I do and usurps the game consoles before I rouse! Its been days since I played!), I'd be doing my max social link run on New Game + by now.

Apr 18, 17 at 10:11pm

I've play a through persona 4 golden and a bit of p3 but I stopped that when I got the new which I am currently playing a lot

Apr 19, 17 at 3:07am
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