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I never got into. I mostly prefer first person rpg's and fps. Mostly Bethesda's games. I watched a few games on youtube and it just looks like chaos, no idea what's going on. I hate birds eye views, I like to be immersed in a game like an alternate reality. I'm waiting for SAO style virtual reality.

Sep 27, 16 at 1:02am
Yato commented on Leagueee

I think we're all waiting on virtual SAO. Well today's you lucky day then...I'm definitely the 4 leaf clover your looking for:) feel free to add me. I took about a 3 month break but just got back into it before the season ends. Climbed back into plat.

Sep 27, 16 at 7:47am

The trick to playing league is to not give a fuck about whether or not you win.

Sep 27, 16 at 8:15am

stopped giving a fuck a long time ago now i just try to tilt the enemy team lol if anyone wants to add me my summoners is godsxguillotine im pretty good at the game i would say

Sep 27, 16 at 8:41am

Agreed. Someday we'll get that virtual SAO. @.@
Sent an add to you both. :D

Sep 27, 16 at 12:22pm

I think I might be playing more tomorrow since the championship skins came out. Or try my luck in ranked again. My ign is Mylov3lyreaper

Sep 27, 16 at 10:39pm

You want to play for the victorious skins. Championship skins are the ones you pay for.

Sep 27, 16 at 10:59pm
Yato commented on Leagueee

I just hit plat for this season but ranked is still a pain as always. I'll send you a request though!^_^

Sep 27, 16 at 11:21pm

OtakuDan is boosted and he wont help me get boosted too feelsbadman

Sep 29, 16 at 12:35pm

Hmm...I wonder what the skin this year will be...

Should I start tryharding on my other accounts?

Sep 29, 16 at 12:38pm
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