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Yato started Leagueee

Just want to find new people on this site to play league w/ and I'm wondering who else plays

Sep 21, 16 at 2:51pm

meeee im a silver v with like 5 lvl 6 mastery champs and 1 soon to be lvl 7. play every lane but i main darius

Sep 21, 16 at 4:32pm

I play League almost every day lol. I currently have three level 5 mastery champs and one level 6 champ. My main lane is too and mid with my main champ being akali. Although I can play every lane.

Sep 21, 16 at 4:41pm

I play League in NA just about every day. I have a few accounts. I've played maybe...~6000 games total.

Sep 21, 16 at 5:13pm
Foxicity commented on Leagueee

NA Server, Tanathalis Silver 3.

Bronze plays, throwin' games, fill every game, thats my game.

Sep 21, 16 at 8:03pm
Yato commented on Leagueee

I've been playing since season 1 so i have a lot of games too. Just add me "Lord Birusu" -Gold 1 gutter

Sep 21, 16 at 8:45pm

follow me
jkjk haru here is the king of salt

Sep 21, 16 at 10:39pm

QAQ omg im not the only one who plays this game everyday lol in the span of like 6-7 months i have played over 1k games easy. i own like 38 champions have 204 total mastery. an i have a new smurf account named DropDeadDarius

ps. tell riot to make project teemo a thing

Sep 22, 16 at 12:05am

I tend to play on and off. Only because I'm trying to level up in another game.

Sep 24, 16 at 1:31pm

I've been getting back on League lately. I play on NA. Took a break to play something else where I didn't have to listen to kids crying over spilled milk. League sadly has a lot of those. If I am not getting paid then I am not listening to tantrums any longer than I have to. xD Finding people who are chill on League is like finding a 4 leaf clover... In a desert.

Sep 27, 16 at 12:45am
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