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I play, I prefer mid Annie or adc Jinx, :) I also love Morgana support.

My IGN is KeyTokki

Sep 30, 16 at 2:13pm

oh oh I jungle well! And I'm an expert teemo killer. But beyond that I play for fun xD Pick me pick me! Not a CSI Spy.

Oct 06, 16 at 5:27pm

Last week I started playing ranked again since there is an off-chance that the free skin this year will be for a champ that I like. I've gotten 2 of my accounts to Gold 5. 2 more to go.

Oct 06, 16 at 6:24pm

Support main, I play mainly Thresh. I play once in a while. Hit me up if you want to play.

IGN: Shijou Kurumi

Oct 07, 16 at 11:13pm

I'm down to play! I can play any role, still learning how to play ADC though.
IGN: Poptart KittyKat

Oct 21, 16 at 9:18pm
syruki commented on Leagueee

I typically play anything and everything when it comes to league >.> IGN: Amato
Currently G5.

Aug 01, 17 at 6:31pm

add me yo ign:klover5 hardstuck g1 :|

Aug 23, 17 at 11:48pm
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