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Share the last Japanese song you listened to!

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Crystal Kay - Motherland

Feb 12, 13 at 12:31pm

Nakayama Yuma\\Missing Piece

Its impossible not to like this song <.<

Feb 12, 13 at 5:56pm

Some good songs folks.. Liking some that I have not heard.

Steropony - Hoshikuzu Kandelaar

Feb 12, 13 at 6:26pm

Ceui\\Kokoro No Tsubasa
You're the wings of my heart..

Feb 13, 13 at 11:27am

Well here is what I was just listening to.

Row Row Fight the Power - Taratula

Feb 13, 13 at 2:05pm

Saint Seiya Omega opening theme
Pegasus Fantasy ver.Ω by MAKE-UP Feat. Shoko Nakagawa

Feb 13, 13 at 5:36pm

Zero by Back-On

Feb 13, 13 at 11:00pm

Well he is Korean but this was what I am listening too

Not Alone by Park Jung Min

Feb 14, 13 at 10:27pm

Kamenashi Kazuya\\Kizuna


Amazing.. The chorus moves me to tears.. <3

''It's okay for my steps to continue, these hands have separated
Walking away from where you continue to live
Until I become worn out I keep prolonging it
That time, that place, it will never disappear - this bond''

Feb 17, 13 at 2:17am

Koda Kumi, KO-SO-KO-SO

Total makeout song if I've ever heard one.

Feb 27, 13 at 7:47pm
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