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Share the last Japanese song you listened to!

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OH I love that song Shade... I was so Saddened when H&MC broke up. Now Made me want to listen to a song

Feb 04, 13 at 11:08am

The opening for Ah! My Goddess Open your mind
I love singing the English version :)

Feb 04, 13 at 11:51am

Oh I love that song too.. the Celtic sounds of it.

Feb 04, 13 at 12:14pm

Kat-tun\\Love Yourself


Feb 04, 13 at 3:35pm

I've turned into a massive SpiralS fan lately.

Feb 04, 13 at 6:17pm


Feb 04, 13 at 9:00pm

Ayaka hirahara\\hajimari no kaze

Love this song, Love the anime its the OP of <3

One of the most meaningful and funny animes I've ever watch..
And Now I can't stop replaying this <3

Feb 05, 13 at 5:23am

chu chu lovely by max the harmone~!

Feb 11, 13 at 5:08pm

Oh hehe did an AMV to Chu Chu.

Mine is this

Raison d'ĂȘtre - By Nightmare

Feb 11, 13 at 9:23pm
Alpaca Chaser Yuki commented on Share the last Japanese song you listened to!
Alpaca Chaser Yuki

listening to true storyyyy by risetteeeee~ im singing the english version like sucha dork

Feb 11, 13 at 9:56pm
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