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e_bon left a comment for ZeldaChan

Did you ever get to go to Torucon?

Jan 14, 16 at 12:38pm
akulilium left a comment for ZeldaChan

Haha only a Norwegian by paper tho, thnx :) and the list keeps growing however I rarely use this site anymore therefor the late reply xD

Nov 02, 15 at 6:13pm
Mie left a comment for ZeldaChan

Thank youuu (^w^;)

Oct 21, 15 at 3:54am
Tri Tri <3 left a comment for ZeldaChan

Monja-Chan! How are ya?

Sep 16, 15 at 10:51pm
sadjester left a comment for ZeldaChan

Yeah, I heard that Paprika is quite dark and shocking. Inception was apparently influenced by Paprika. You are going to finish 7 anime! What anime did you finish? I've never watched Inuyasha although I would like to watch it at some time. We didn't get a lot of anime here in South Africa when I was a kid. I'm still trying to catch up with everybody in that regard, hehe.

Sep 09, 15 at 7:47am

*glomps you* and tank youz i love your avie too <3

Sep 08, 15 at 3:38pm
sadjester left a comment for ZeldaChan

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check it out when I have the time. I know what you mean. There are a couple of shows and movies that I still have to watch too. Ghost in the Shell and Paprika for example. I did enjoy Grave of the Fireflies although it isn't the easiest to watch because of the depressing circumstances the characters find themselves in.

Aug 29, 15 at 5:08am
sadjester left a comment for ZeldaChan

No need for apologies. You don't need to reply constantly. It's a shame that Irregular felt so incomplete. I'll probably wait to see if the story is going to be completed before I take the plunge. Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet is one of the shows that I would like to watch. It looks fun. Grave of the Fireflies is quite different from other Studio Ghibli films. It has a much darker tone.

Aug 28, 15 at 8:35am
sadjester left a comment for ZeldaChan

No problem. It's cool that you even corrected it. Wow, you are really motoring through the series. I recently watched the anime movie Grave of the Fireflies. Probably the saddest movie that I've ever watched. I'm also busy watching Moribito: Gaurdian of the Spirit. It's a fantasy anime series that starts slow but picks up pace.

Aug 25, 15 at 7:55am

I Understand and I been here doing great but also not doing bad I been here chilling for the most part not much to do tonight at all -_-

Aug 22, 15 at 11:34pm
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