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Neptunia chat


Im 99% sure that one of these already exist but never hurts having more than one. The more Nep conversation the better.

Jan 08, 18 at 6:29am
VeZeal commented on Neptunia chat

Nepgear is perfect

Jan 08, 18 at 5:40pm

Gege is in my top 3 but im definitely a bigger fan of Blanc and Uni

Jan 08, 18 at 6:41pm
nyanko commented on Neptunia chat

I agree to VeZeal, Gear-chan best girl! But the translation of the games sucks. PS3 Versions are unplayable IMO.

Jan 09, 18 at 2:22pm

Nep 1 was hard to keep playing. The Rebirths vastly improved the games

Jan 09, 18 at 2:27pm
nyanko commented on Neptunia chat

Yes but I still use the translation patches. Not a fan of memesubs. I know that you can't make a literal translation, but if the text does not match what is said (japanese dub) at all, it's hard for me to continue playing.

Jan 09, 18 at 3:53pm
LSP commented on Neptunia chat

After playing the rebirth series it is impossible to go back to the original ones. The combat is improved over the original and mk2. Also Nepgear is awesome. I love both her and Uni, especially when they are together.

Jan 09, 18 at 5:25pm

Im really liking all the Nepgear love in this thread. Nepgear is truly an angel~

Jan 12, 18 at 1:55pm
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