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Dead Island


Hey yall I'm replaying Dead Island and I just started. I was wondering if anyone would wanna join me and we could play through together. It's on the PS4 Now. I already played through the story so now I just wanna have fun with someone or a group.

Oct 09, 17 at 10:36pm
c12b88 commented on Dead Island

what game

Oct 09, 17 at 11:00pm
Ed~ commented on Dead Island

Sadly I only own the PC versions, did they remade it for PS4? Graphics wise?

Oct 10, 17 at 1:34am

if i owned the game, i totally would join you in your zombie adventure!!

Oct 10, 17 at 3:23am

I have the original versions of PC, both the original and Riptide are REALLY wonky games but there is something very enjoyable about them. In a weird way they remind me of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic in their combat, that game probably has the best first person melee combat system ever and is so much better with the cool physics and magic stuff you can do - creating a floor of ice and watching orcs fall to their death in fun af :D

Oct 10, 17 at 2:27pm
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