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Giving twitch a shot!

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Greetings! I'm finishing my degree this fall semester and only have two classes as a requirement. So I decided I would twitch stream in the free time I have! I'm still working out the kinks because i'm relatively new to the stream scene. It'd be awesome if you guys could drop by during one of my live sessions! Most details will be on my channel listed below and any other questions, i'll be happy to answer. Just shoot me a msg on twitch! Thanks!


Jul 16, 17 at 3:48am

twitch is fun. jus don't get upset or bored if you have no viewers for a min. once chat gets lively it's a ton of fun. have your friends host you to bring in more people.

Jul 26, 17 at 4:31pm

Thanks professor genki, I appreciate the input and yes I agree with chat being fun. Interaction is fun in general haha.

Jul 27, 17 at 8:52pm

My advice, do this kind of thing purely for the fun of it. Don't expect to get popular because that will set you up for disappointment. My older brother learned that the hard way :/ Ultimately it all comes down to having a good time so just enjoy yourself and laugh along with whoever joins you on that crazy ride in chat :D

Jul 29, 17 at 12:38pm

Thanks, I keep low expectations for most things while fully knowing the expectations for what I'm about to approach. It makes it so when it does happen it's surprising and exciting.

Aug 01, 17 at 12:34am
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