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Any good hack and slashes like DMC?

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I'm a big fan of the hack and slash in DMC, but now i've finished them. im out of good games ;-; If anyone knows of any great hack and slashes like DMC please feel free to help me out

Jul 13, 17 at 8:16pm

If you have a PS4 or PC, Nioh was one of the better ones to come out recently.

Jul 13, 17 at 8:48pm


Jul 14, 17 at 12:02am

Can I get a little more detail on what kind of hack and slash?

If you're looking for something as stylish as DMC, it's not quite a hack and slash but I'd say to take a look at the Bayonetta games.

If you don't mind a bit of JRPG in it, there are the Nier games.

Or if you're just looking for something simple, I'd recommend any of the Dynasty Warriors games.

Jul 14, 17 at 1:24pm

That said, I think Metal Gear Rising Revengence sounds like it might be something you'd like.

Jul 14, 17 at 1:26pm


Jul 19, 17 at 3:17am

Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Bloodborne, Blades of Time, Chaos Legion, Darksiders 1 and 2, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Killer is Dead, Marlow Briggs, Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae, Vindictus, Hunted: The Demon's Forge, Way of the Samurai games, CastleVania: Lords of Shadow 1 and 2, Dante's Inferno, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Ninja Gaiden, Ninja Blade, Dragon's Dogma, Nioh, Prince of Persia, No More Heroes, Onimusha, Blade of Darkness, Knights of the Temple 1 and 2, Nier and Automata, etc.

I love this genre of game and it is a shame we almost never get them nowadays unless they're made by Platinum, rarely do other studios make them :/

Yesterday at 6:25pm
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