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What Anime made you cry?

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Tokyo Ghoul, Owari and Noragami got me pretty good as well. Thank you for your input ^^

Jun 22, 17 at 6:33pm

School days xD

Jun 22, 17 at 6:40pm

The ending of Your Lie in April :c

Jun 22, 17 at 9:43pm

Osomatsu in episode 5
Dr. Black Jack
Doraemon the movie

Honestly those sad animes cannot make me cry at all. But U tend to cry more at the smallest mood change in a hearty show

Jun 22, 17 at 10:13pm

Anohana without a doubt. Made me cry like a little bitch that did.

Jun 27, 17 at 3:37pm

Where do I start? lol. I can't control myself sometimes. Clannad After Story, FMA Brotherhood, Pokemon First Movie, Guilty Crown, Angel Beats, and Akame ga Kill to name a few.

Jun 28, 17 at 12:05am

For me Chrono crusade got me bad that was such a sad ending always get something in my eye when I watch that.

Jun 28, 17 at 5:08am

Just watched The Wind Rises for the 3rd time. It still stung my eyes a little bit... >_>


Jul 14, 17 at 2:26am
demytro commented on What Anime made you cry?

I'm still new to watching anime and haven't found one that has made me cry or feel sad. However, Anohana made me tear up a little.

Jul 19, 17 at 12:54am

Clannad After Story and Your Lie in April. For some reason Angel Beats didn't make me cry. Also their have been some really sad moments in One Piece and Fairy Tail too, and SAO season 2. I definitely think i cried when i was a kid watching history of Trunks.

Jul 20, 17 at 9:05pm
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