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Jul 04, 22 at 1:39am
What was your first pokemon game and who was your first starter?? My first pokemon game was sapphire on my nintendo gameboy advance sp.
Jul 04, 22 at 1:41am
and my first starter was mudkip lol.
Jul 09, 22 at 4:32am
Mine was Piplup and Pokémon Pearl! Piplup has a special place in my heart along with Empoleon.
Jul 09, 22 at 4:35am
Pokemon yellow ediition… yeah I got the red edition after the yellow one XDDDD. Surprise surprise the starter was pikachu XDDDD
I miss my old Gameboy my first were also red and yellow and of course it was Charmander and Pikachu.. definitely wasn't upset I couldn't choose Eevee
Jul 09, 22 at 4:43am
@criselington I wsa more upset that I couldnt catch them all without the help of someone who had a blue edition... surprise surprise everyone in my reach only had the red edition xDDDD
Yeah it was hard @gdmh39 the struggle was real. Did you also do the Mew glitch or no.
Jul 09, 22 at 4:46am
@criselington I wanted them all so you bet I did the glitch xDD
That glitch was hard to time the pause button at the right time, or for me it was at first hahaha
Jul 09, 22 at 4:48am
@criselington yeah I guess that was the first game teacing you to GIT GUD XDDDD .
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