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Convince me to pay to play FFXIV again


I mean you are free to do as you like.


You will never have the fissels and peakers sir. Let it eat you in your sleep.


Darn it all, unlimited power has left my grasp. I shall forever regret the day I did not have cashapp.
Sleep shall be gone forever



Looking at your actual post, it's all about the money and fees.

So I have an straightforward solution.

Sit down and think about what you are getting out of the sub, and if it is worth the price for you.

I cannot read your mind. I don't know what is most important to you, what you are looking for, and how much or little spending money you have at the end of the day. I also have no idea if you have any social connection that may be a reason to say subbed or even playing.

Even though I only log in a few times a week, I still find it to be worth the $40USD/3 months payment plan I am on, as I can afford that kind of expense, and the enjoyment I get out of it is worth the price. I have both friends that started playing with me, and new friends that I've made through the game that I interact with on an almost daily basis, which is a major factor as to why I think it is worth it to me. I also don't have an insignificant amount of extra spending money after all of my bills, and I am usually not shy about paying for things if it involves friends, as long as it is reasonable.


Ah okay. that puts in a bit off perspective for me then. Odd enough I did not think of it that way.
I usually end up playing alone so that is what was on my mind most. I do have a couple of friends that I do play with sometimes.
I supposes in terms of my budget will end up being maybe a month every now and then maybe worth it to me.

Thanks for taking the time to respond back, I appreciate it.

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