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The Fallout Hub


by the way...

Jul 03, 20 at 5:22pm

My favorite was Fallout 3. But, I was a pure sped for New Vegas's NCR Rangers. They were the coolest thing ever.

New Vegas's random encounters was better than 3's IMO.

Covering up Boone's ugly mug was priority upon reaching Novac. If you on my squad you gotta look fly.


@ithurts just gave Boone NCR Ranger Armor to make him look fly cx

Jul 03, 20 at 5:48pm

Boone liked that
NCR liked that
Ithurts liked that

I hope you modded that face of his. I remember him not equipping helmets unless you take his beret away. Then he get all booty hurt. Sir, you've been booty hurt your whole life. Put it on.


(Tycho, Vault Dweller & Ian)

Jul 05, 20 at 12:43am

"got back into Fallout, nuff said"

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