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rOBSCENE π commented on Emulators
Mar 27, 19 at 12:00pm

It's been a while so I can't remember the names of the emulators but I had an NES, SNES, and gameboy emulator homebrewed onto my Wii, but one of the updates zapped all my saves and I kinda gave up on them since then

Mar 29, 19 at 1:34pm

I think I just found out that I can possibly do PSP game emulations on my phone. But im not sure? I need to investigate more

Baka Panda commented on Emulators
Mar 29, 19 at 1:37pm

Dolphin is a good wii emulator, I use it to do solo play through's of dokapon kingdom

Mar 30, 19 at 7:04pm

Emulators are my salvation and the greatest inventions ever. I've got a total of 7 of them across 2 of my laptops.
Here's the breakdown:
I use Gens for the 16-bit Sega Genesis/MegaDrive & CD games.
I use Meka for the 8-bit Sega Master System & Sega GameGear games.
I use ZSNES for the 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System games.
I use VisualBoyAdvance for the 32-bit Nintendo Gameboy Advance games.
I use NO$Zoomer for the 32-bit Nintendo DS games.
I use MAME32 for a Sailor Moon arcade beat-em-up game which has never been ported to any home consoles and has never released any arcade cabinets outside of Europe and Japan.
And last but not least, I use the Nox emulator for Android apps so that I can chat with people on Instagram without needing to buy any data plans for my phone. (Previously I had been using BlueStacks for this, but it stopped working because of those useless updates.)

And in response to the OP's question: I've never had any problems with the savedata, because it always gets stored in separate files which you can backup and rename and archive in any way that you please. As long as you keep using the exact same emulator to load the savedata as you were using to create it then there's shouldn't be any compatibility issues at all.

The main rule to stay safe is: Disable any and all automatic update downloads unless you encounter a major bug in any of the apps which you run through the emulator. Be conservative instead of progressive.

Chaotic commented on Emulators
May 10, 19 at 2:19am

Project64 and ZSNES are what I use most of the time. I like to play a lot of SM64 rom hacks on Project64.

Foolish_Otaku commented on Emulators
May 13, 19 at 8:27am

I have one too many emulators :') PS1, PS1, Sega Saturn, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, PSP, NES, NDS, GBA, GBC. I just get the games that I used to play (Digimon World 3, Frogger), those that I wanted to play but never could find/get in game stores (Legend of Dragoon) and those that I've missed and am interested in (like Fire Emblem, Rayman and Dragon Quest). I mostly play Sega Genesis, PS1 and PS2 games since I grew up on those. Saturn is for Magic Knight Rayearth and I do have Earthbound 1, 2 and 3, so yay me :) So I've got a nice collection, since I know 3 to 5 sites to acquire more games.

walter_f_sweezy commented on Emulators
May 14, 19 at 12:59pm

I have been using a few emulators recently, mostly for the NES, SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, GameCube, PS1, Dreamcast, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64 and PSP just to name a few.

I play on my android cell phone that I can HDMI into my living room TV whilst using a Bluetooth controller for a greater experience as well as placing the phone within the telescopic cavity of my controller for a portable experience.

Would highly recommend.

Many thanks,

cupcakerin commented on Emulators
May 14, 19 at 4:49pm

PPSSPP is an excellent emulator for psp.
ePSXe isn't as good as ppsspp or visual boy advance but it's the best for PS1 imo.
I like desmume for nintendo DS.

I got Dolphin but I haven't used it yet so no opinion for now. I tried PCSX2 (for PS2) and it's really hard to setup but it works ok. I just tried one game with it and I can't tell if the emulator works weird with my controller of if it's the game that has clunky controls.

The controller I use is usb and it's basically a ps2 controller clone, there's even an analog, but no rumble. Instead of triangle, square, circle and cross, there's the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4. It works great unless a game refuse to be compatible.

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