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xerai commented on Overwatch
Sep 04, 18 at 11:30am
This account has been suspended.
noirfrog commented on Overwatch
Sep 04, 18 at 12:38pm

I know. It was just a joke he likes to make since he mains Genji as well.

Fanimus commented on Overwatch
Sep 11, 18 at 8:47pm

I main Zenyatta, after that it's a bunch of Tanks.

Kinda bad at Comp, I never got higher than mid plat.

noirfrog commented on Overwatch
Sep 11, 18 at 9:23pm

It is alright I get that rank too in comp.

Baka commented on Overwatch
Sep 11, 18 at 9:39pm

tanks and supports are in a terrible spot the last 4 seasons. They meta has pushed more into the point where certain dive comps/comps can really matter more then before and on top of THAT the meta has fallen more under 1/3/2 3/1/2 3/2/1 BUT SOMEHOW the new main "meta" you find in comp/qp with people throwing salt and shade instantly when it's not around is 2/2/2 the old 1 - 4 6, 7 meta???

that game is somewhat of a joke online even at a quick play level because most people lack the basic skills required to "play well". I fully blame games like Call of Duty and well.. let's leave the list out for the sake of peoples feelings.. orz

It's a fun game and I play casually these days, I'm never mad at people but I do get annoyed and end up arguing when people wanna fling shit when they don't seem to be aware of ANYTHING that's happen all game.

My favorite meme is "Hog's 5 shot was a nerf, now he is unplayable"
>can one shot/one combo reaper still
>can still one shot a ton of people
>now has more dps output and able to break shields
>can one shot/combo Bridgette
I could go on but welp.. fun game meh community, bad experiences with both genders often.

Cero commented on Overwatch
Sep 11, 18 at 9:55pm

*whispers in your ear*


cum to the darkside

Baka commented on Overwatch
Sep 11, 18 at 9:57pm

I have it downloaded, but I've been playing this zombie "mmo" instead of either
I wanna be a spy main but chances are I'll end up being a scout or engineer

Cero commented on Overwatch
Sep 11, 18 at 10:25pm

*trying to lure in*

nothing wrong with that ^₩^

rita commented on Overwatch
Sep 12, 18 at 12:39am

I play on Ps4 occasionally. Mostly with the one friend I have or randos in quick play or arcade, just chill. Comp is not chill.

Baka commented on Overwatch
Sep 12, 18 at 12:41am

comp can be fun! just you get the dumbo's who fling shit and act sarcastically cause "I got da medal I da good player!!". anything mid master and below you can more often win by getting the one toxic player to actually quit out of the match and go 5v6. When one person dragging everyone down vanishes it's amazing what you can accomplish with teamwork!

I like to keep a record of AWARENESS after playing so long. lv 1840 and so far I've had a total of 3 Mei's that knew how to sneak with crouch, take other paths on the map and work with a teammate. Supposedly a new program was released to help people know when ults are up on the enemy team since a lot of people don't have the awareness to keep track of that sorta stuff?

I haven't played in a good while but I'm sure not much has changed, Reinhardt is in a harder place now too.

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