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Game Screenshots


My attempt at trying to re-create Charlemagne from Fate/Extella Link in Soul Calibur 6. :u

Dec 15, 18 at 3:34am

That's actually super dope and well done good job i'm so use to seeing meme characters on SC6 that i forget how well you can replicate characters

Dec 15, 18 at 3:36am

so many fate characters, I can't recognize all the new ones. Seems the s6 customization is good tho


Screenshot from back when the stormblood expansion launched for FF14, there's actually a lot more people there than what's displayed and servers were being hammered so hard that it literally made a certain quest that required a solo instanced fight be unplayable since the server wouldn't process it. So there were some people basically gated out of the next region and had to be ferried over by people who already did the quest (as you can see in the chat xD). That was a pretty fun launch day though, after a while people figured out that it would go through if people would stop trying to hammer the NPC all at the same time and just go one at a time, so an actual line of players formed at some point.

All of the people around did make me re-appreciate how FF14 actually has ambient sounds based on how many player characters are around, like it can range from just ambient chatter to sounding like you're in a stadium with thousands of other people


Oh yeah, forgot to include a screenshot of the actual line. xD


I remember I lost my shit the first time I got to this point of the Deltascape raids. +_+

This was on the day the patch dropped too so phew, definitely went through a lot of wipes before getting here.


ancient screenshot from Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine which is a dead game now unfortunately. You can probably tell how old this game is just by the aspect ratio :u

Dec 15, 18 at 4:07am

oh boi, I remmember Imagine, wasn't able to get far though. The grind was very 2000

Dec 15, 18 at 4:17am

wow I wished the players were organized in Tera every rally BAM it's like a blood bath people will sell they mother to get a weapon drop they reset the boss try to DC other players to up they chances it's crazy i stay away from groups bigger than 10

suna commented on Game Screenshots
Dec 15, 18 at 6:27am

In Japan ended service in 2016.I want to play again…

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