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Apr 14, 19 at 2:52am

Also won a Apex match today in a strange way it was a 1v3 I down 2 the last guy was low but i failed to kill him so I'm waiting for him to finish me because i have gold rez shield and he thermite his self some kind of way and I won lmao

Why!? commented on Game Screenshots
Apr 14, 19 at 2:55am


Apr 16, 19 at 2:14pm

After over 360 days, my main got a makeover.


I spent like a week living in the gold saucer to get this Regalia mount and I totally don't regret it. :u


Also, added some megane to my character. :0

Apr 22, 19 at 10:44pm

My best Overwatch play. D.Va's my #2 waifu. She never fails me :>

Apr 22, 19 at 10:57pm

Kenshi - Found a poor robotic man being attacked by a giant ant lion esq creature. Thankfully this games running as traveling so I can haul ass for hours. All the mining and walking pays off when you gotta sprint with someone through a desert.


I've basically been playing dragoon exclusively in FFXIV lately. :u

May 21, 19 at 8:14pm

Original character do not steal
Wasted a lot of my time on this bad mmo that had re:zero cross over, I'm still somewhat weak considering the time and my level but it's just cause I'm lazy and only get on to do daily's and stuff. I was once reknown as one of the strongest warriors and even was in an issue for an update with my photo and all (they didn't quote me and only interviewed me cause of my girlfriend of the time).

now a days no one recognizes me, notices me, cares for my fashion taste, it's nice. being popular is hard and having people crush on you for playing a game is weird.... I can finally enjoy myself and not be bothered by strangers unless I approach them! I'm a fighter! also got cute dog ears n a tail.

May 21, 19 at 8:23pm

Worst nightmare came to life once again, going up against 4 Centurions in Dominion
Was playing with Snake and a friend of his
[For Honor]

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