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Games You're Looking Forward To


I'm looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 3, not because I want to play it but because I just want this whole goddamn thing to end.

Dec 17, 18 at 6:11pm

Final Fantasy 12 for Nintendo switch

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Dec 17, 18 at 6:46pm

I'm really looking forward to Halo Infinite.

It really better not have micro-transactions for power weapons and all that.


Calling it Three Houses makes me nervous. I don't want to buy essentially the same game three times again.

Dec 18, 18 at 4:48pm

Beyond good and evil 2 I think I'm gonna buy a PS4 only for this :')


Midoriya in Jump Force?!

Dec 19, 18 at 3:23pm

Dark Prince of Audio: Same... same...

Dec 19, 18 at 3:30pm

Cyberpunk 2077
Doom Eternal
Tekken 8
Sonic Mania 2 (if it exists).

samuraitamashi commented on Games You're Looking Forward To
Jan 10, 19 at 2:30pm

There's quite a few! 2019 promises to be an amazing game-year.

January - Tales of Vesperia, Catherine Classic on PC (just came out).
February - God Eater 3, Jump Force, Metro Exodus.
March - One Piece: World Seeker, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.
The rest of the year: Dragon Quest Builders 2, Judge Eyes (new Yakuza), new Dead or Alive beach game, Code Vein, Animal Crossing, Nioh 2...

Also Ghost of Tsushima and Days Gone look interesting, but I am not sure if they will be good.

NekoSenpai commented on Games You're Looking Forward To
Jan 16, 19 at 6:28pm

Really really looking forward to the last of us part 2 as I loved the first one

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