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Jurassic World Evolution

Jun 15, 18 at 12:02pm

Yeah on orig xbox & pc Jurassic Park operation genesis you can hack the files to build on site b like allowing tourists etc and hack other assets. I wonder if we can do the same for this new game for PC? Beatiful screenshot I love it. Hope you upload more screenshots soon of your park in progress. Wish you can actually go into the game as a tourist running around trying out rides and buying the food etc like Thrillville. Either in 3rd person or in first person. Even taking pictures of dinos abd experiencing the dangers when dinos escape and hurricane weather yourself :)


Been having fun with this game alot lol

Jun 18, 18 at 12:30pm

Looks cool :) Hope it doesnt all a sudden turn into a shooter lol are there any insects in the environments, especially mosquitos lol? Dragon flies etc


New free DLC :D


So I wanna go over the new DLC
The raptor squad skin feels like it was a quick cheap cash grab they could have easily release during the main release also on the 10th of December the return to Jurassic park I'm kind of hyped the only con is you can't mix it with jw stuff


I really want the new game....<:( but i got to save for it.:)

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