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Gaming Laptop

Apr 23, 17 at 6:57am

So You would recommend a 1060?

Pillow commented on Gaming Laptop
Apr 23, 17 at 9:51am

After all the research i've done. The 1060 isn't bad really. You're not gnna be playing GTaV on ultra settings or anything. But most games will run at normal or higher. Its better than the 900 series or whatever it was, thats for sure. 1060 looks like a safe bet for a few years depending on what you want to play and how much you truly care for graphics

uoi100 commented on Gaming Laptop
Apr 24, 17 at 2:50am

How intensive is your rendering job? I went with the 1070 since I made the assumption that you'll be rendering a lot, with games being a side bonus.

Apr 24, 17 at 2:55am

I don't know, it crashes the Desktop at work alot. -.-

Vamxlight commented on Gaming Laptop
May 02, 17 at 9:59pm

I'm about to drop about $350 on a GPD Win, those things look really neat even for low spec gaming but recently they updated the processors on them.

Yuusaku commented on Gaming Laptop
May 03, 17 at 11:02pm

When I was getting a laptop that can also do video editing smoothly, I got a gaming laptop because it fit my needs to make media and to game (thought I don't do much PC gaming).

I didn't want to break the bank so I got an open box laptop at newegg for around $1,300. Right now I have a MSI GE72 Apache Pro-001 and it gets the job done. But when I upgraded the SSD to a bigger one, it spent as much as it cost new.

What sucks about laptops is that most can't have the CPU or GFX updated. There are some that are modulated but it's rare.
So once you commit into buying one, you're stuck with it.

I think I want to get a Razor Blade Pro by the end of the year or a custom one by ADK

I am gonna rebuild my desktop and do it water cooled in the months to come. Phuck, it's gonna cost.

Bottom line, make a budget and find one that suits your needs. One thing to consider other than specs is building material quality.

I don't like the feel of the MSI one I bought. When I upgrade, I plan on giving the MSI one away to my buddy who can really use a gaming computer.

May 03, 17 at 11:04pm

I Wouldn't recommend Razer Blade series, as ultrabooks they have cooling issues.

It's what scared me off.

Yuusaku commented on Gaming Laptop
May 03, 17 at 11:10pm

There's gonna be a new version which I hope solves that issue, if not, I might get a cooling pad for it or move to another choice.
Thick laptops have never bothered me. I honestly want one with an optical disc drive. By the end of the year, I hope to see some new power laptops by Asus as well (normally my go to brand).

May 03, 17 at 11:12pm

Even if not when the new shit drops in November old shit price drops. ^.^

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