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Social Gathering

Apr 07, 17 at 12:48am

Link to server; will be up for a while, sorry for being busy guys!

Apr 07, 17 at 12:57am

Friend requests sent, @Neptune, Suichi, Xion, DBEN, added; AEM_Gamer said invalid as well @animefan4life
If there's steam names to be added, we can figure that in the chatroom on the discord so I can make a steam group as well.

Apr 07, 17 at 12:58am

The server link will go down within a week due to avoiding spammers and the like.

Apr 07, 17 at 1:05am

Again, thanks to those that have decided to participate! ^^

Apr 07, 17 at 1:29am

I will hit up the link in the morning. ^.^

Apr 13, 17 at 6:56pm

I'm now going to be on daily and administering daily, please everyone, show up and let's get social. :>

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