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What is the very first video game you ever played?

MaiOtaku Forums > Video Games Discussion > What is the very first video game you ever played?

First was a racing game that came with Windows 95. It had this wack ass balding dude commentating my every death. Was fun though. The 90s. So cheesy.


Probably Duck Hunt.
I only really remember caring about SNES games and like, original Diablo. Demon's Crest was my favorite SNES game and its kinda depressing that no one's played it.


The first game I played was The Legend of Zelda a link to the Past for the SNES. I dont take snake for the old Nokia
mobile phone into count tho.


The original zelda and I do mean the first one I was just so young like 5


Idk what its called but it was this unicycle game on the nes or snes, going through stages was weird af xD

Apr 17, 17 at 3:40am

A text based adventure/mystery game called Hugo's House of Horrors for PC.

To this day I've never finished it.


Starcraft . Dying game tho played when i was 4


Very first i think was donkey kong


I think it was either one of the original Mario games or the first Megaman game.
My dad was a huge gamer, so he had tons of great games back then.

Apr 17, 17 at 5:23pm

Contra in my first ever console was the NES, I was only 7 at that time XD

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