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Jun 13, 16 at 10:22pm

Xenosaga is good RPG series never play but love to watch on youtube!

Jun 14, 16 at 12:24pm

Ooh! Ooh! I'm in! There was a time when I replayed Xenogears once every year as a teenager. It completely fascinated me. I'm a huge fan of Tetsuya Takahashi and Soraya Saga. I put over 160 hours in Xenoblade just because the combat was so good. I have Xenoblade X sitting at around 80 hours, but haven't gotten around to finishing it yet.

Jun 15, 16 at 3:39pm

So who is every ones favourite characters ^_^

Melonraid commented on Xenosaga\gears\blade fanclub
Jun 15, 16 at 6:23pm

For Xenosaga: Ziggy slightly edges out Junior as my favorite. Out of all the stories going on in that trilogy, his was my favorite and it makes me sad that Pied Piper never made got an official translation.

For Chronicles? That's a really tough choice, I actually really like the whole cast. Maybe Riki? Chronicles X I'm gonna hold off on dropping a verdict on until I finish it proper, though I'm currently torn between L, Lin, and Yelv.

Jun 15, 16 at 8:49pm

Xenogears: Billy Lee Black

When I was 14 and playing this for the first time,a priest with guns was the coolest thing ever. His sad backstory about "selling his body" in order to provide for himself and his sister was sort of shocking to me at the time too.

Xenosaga: Jin Uzuki

He's essentially Citan, who was my second favorite character in Xenogears, so I was bound to love him.

Xenoblade: Fiora

I thought she had the most interesting character arc, but I didn't feel a whole lot of affection for the cast in general like I did in the previous games.

Xenoblade X: Lao

I don't know... I'm not quite as fond of this cast as I was with the other games. I liked everyone in Xenoblade, even if no one person really became a favorite; but in this one I just feel like everyone is kinda'... meh. Lao is at least kind of interesting because of his motivations.

Jun 19, 16 at 4:06am

I love the all cast from saga including the villans but if i had to choose

/revision/latest?cb=20120703105006 chaso t-elos and jin

Jun 19, 16 at 4:11am

As for xeno gears im not that far into the game so i guess atm my favourites would be citan fei and elly

Jun 19, 16 at 4:28am

I havent played of the xenoblade games yet as i dont have the consoles for them however i am hyped to play them ^_^ so i will have favourite characters soon

Jun 19, 16 at 9:14am

What is everyones favourite part like xenosaga 1 2 or 3 and why is it your favourite what part of the story did you enjoy the most ^_^

Jun 19, 16 at 11:53am

Mine is Xenoblade just because the gameplay to story balance was spot-on, and the gameplay was incredibly fun and engaging.

The others had really interesting stories, but the combat always either felt too simplistic or too slow-paced.

Xenogears wins in terms of its story, but the gameplay is too simplistic and the second disc turning into a long-form visual novel didn't help matters.

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