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The Legend of Heroes -Trails (Kiseki) Series

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Feb 14, 17 at 12:14pm

You guys are so cute. (>ω<)
Of course you can join! The more the merrier!

Also, Happy Valentine's Day!


Yeah! Hearts all around! Time to bring on the drinks and part-ty Legend of Heros style.


Oh if you only knew the extent of Sara's drinking habits...


It's true I don't know. XD But I look forward to finding out along with those cuddles. ^_~


I don't know where to begin...

I just finished Cold Steel II yesterday. Well at least the main story line. I still have the epilogue to do.

What a rollercoaster towards the end though. I ruined one aspect of it because I accidentally saw one of the spoilers online before I finished but it was still a good ending.

I was not expecting to feel all the feels though! And I'm definitely more anxious to play the third one now. And also have a lot of theories or ideas as to how it may occur but at this point I would be surprised if I was right at all based on how things can change in an instance in this series.

Now I have to "patiently" wait for the next year or so.


Maybe more than a year at this point. Since there's no release date in Japan yet other than just Fall 2017. I imagine it'll take XSeed another year or so...

*cries in steel*

Feb 27, 17 at 11:48am

You can play games with me to pass the time.


Figured this might be a good read.

Now that I've seen that Mass Effect was a flop, this is the only game I'm waiting for at this point.


Yeah, I actually follow Falcom on Facebook, so I get constant updates on Sen no Kiseki III. *_* I'm excited, but boy do I really need to finish the second one. XD


Wow, this is still here too, huh? Hey Azure! You still around? It's crazy to think that Cold Steel III is out already!

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