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What is Love?

Blank commented on What is Love?
Jan 12, 17 at 9:44pm

A stupid concept filled with unecessary emotions to bring more population to this world.

Also one of the most important thing in life to feel accepted. But personally love is just disgusting.
It's just an emotion to mess with your head.

Jan 13, 17 at 8:40am

Love is many things. At times, it is an expression (Ex."I love you"). Other times, it is feeling (Ex. Having affection for someone). At its core, however, it is a verb. Love is a conscious, daily choice that you make. Love has many interpretations, whether it be scientific or religious. However, outside of religion, there are still many forms of love. Sex is the physical expression; but it is not love in and of itself. Love is the active choice to care about someone; whether it be a friend, family member, or life partner. Eros is a form of love that involves doing little things to show that you care about someone. However, in terms of romantic love, "Love" is a conscious, daily choice to care about someone as much as (if not more than) yourself. If you love someone romantically, you stand by them. You hug them when they cry, celebrate when they cheer, and encourage them to pursue their dreams. Even when you argue with them (and you will sometimes argue with them), love is about being able to hug them at the end of the day and say that you'll get through those arguments together. You encourage them, care about their feelings, and maintain honest and compassionate communication with them. Love requires trust, dedication, caring, and a big heart.

framerain commented on What is Love?
Jan 14, 17 at 12:56pm

Baby don't hurt me

n a e r i commented on What is Love?
n a e r i
Jan 16, 17 at 10:40pm

lmao im a romantic but heres my answer (ive never been in a relationship but O BOI)--
love is, when you see him/her
its like your whole day is brighter
everything falls into place
you feel a wholeness even though you may not have been empty before
their smile, their voice, their laugh, their face, their body: it all calls you

and then you see them, holding hands with someone else
and its like your world has ended
everything is over, nothing makes sense (not like it even made sense before)
you feel cold and alone, nobody is there for you, life isnt worth living if you dont have them by your side
you cant stop crying, and even a day, a week, a month, a year, years later- you cant forget them or that moment they broke your heart and didnt even know it
over and over again you feel your heart burst into billions of pieces, just thinking of them. and it never ends
WOW that was so emo im so sorry but this happened to me already this year and twice last year rip

That Man commented on What is Love?
Jan 17, 17 at 5:53am

love would be like...
when their presence is with yours whether it's online or there physically
long as you get to spend most of the day with them
without caring about their looks/personality/past/
long as that person is yours and no one elses

and when you see them with someone else...
you sail on a nice boat like in the school days ending

joking aside...or am I? dun dun dun

Love comes in many forms, you'll know it once you get that feeling

steelblight commented on What is Love?
Jan 17, 17 at 7:37am

Making someones happiness and wellbeing a priority in your life. Listening and being supportive. Mutual respect. Trust. Sharing together both the good times and the bad equally. Showing interest in their interests and activities. Letting them pick the movie on netflix you'll be watching for the night. When the blankets get stolen just cuddling them for warmth instead of ripping the blankets away and kicking them off the bed. Some things lol

Tired of here. Inactive. commented on What is Love?
Tired of here. Inactive.
Jan 17, 17 at 8:35am

Don't hurt me no more.

Mar 19, 17 at 10:16pm

It's a song. Great one at that, overplayed though

Fox Witch (she/her/vixen) commented on What is Love?
Fox Witch (she/her/vixen)
Mar 19, 17 at 10:40pm
This account has been suspended.
Mar 19, 17 at 10:55pm

Love, Haha how misunderstood a concept.
I need you...
I love you...
When you are with me I feel happy..

That is not love, that is chemicals interacting with our Mammalian and Reptilian brain complexes, and its selfishness.

Love is simply this
I want you to be happy, and free from suffering.

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