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What's Your Favorite Japan/Korean Music?

UVERworld, Kick the Can Crew, Malice Mizer, and a few others I can't name off the top off my head. My bad! XD
Guitar Wolf, The Pillows.
I've always thought Maaya Sakamoto is a great singer ^_^ Her, or Utada Hikaru.
I agree with <b>CheeryBlossom555</b>. I love Maaya Sakamoto's voice. However I think she's bad at written her own music. Some of her best songs are those composed by other people like the song <b>"Platina"</b> by Youko Kanno (everyone SHOULD know who this person is). Besides listening to J-Rock, I do like some J-pop. Anyone like <b>"Round Table feat. Nino"</b>?
Yeah, I agree with Ikkoku that some of her best hits are written by other people, but of course she still has a great voice ^_^ I also like Round Table feat. Nino's "Let Me Be with You" from Chobits =)
X-Japan my favorite j-rock band
I like The GazettE and Miyavi when it comes to Japanese music. BIGBANG for Korean.
I like any genre... Ost: nobuo uematsu, yoshinori mitsuda, yoko kanno... J-rock: laruku, sid, uverworld... J-pop: exile, kat-tun, news, aaa... Fem solo: utada, tsukiko amano, maaya sakamoto, may'n... Male solo: matsushita yuya
I love Anza Ooyama, she's got a great voice and she was amazing in the Sailor Moon Musicals. Then Korean music I love Super Junior, Shinee, B2st, and G-dragon.
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