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I'm planning on a trip to Tokio anything I really need to know?

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Jan 06, 18 at 11:26am

We had that already bro


The top 3 places you need to visit are Akihabara(Duh), Tokyo Tower, and Skytree Tower. They are all awesome places!

Giving up on this site for commented on I'm planning on a trip to Tokio anything I really need to know?
Giving up on this site for
Jan 28, 18 at 8:53pm

For nightlife, Roppongi (六本木) is popular, especially with travelers. Shinjuku (especially Kabukicho - 歌舞伎町) is lively as well, but some places in Kabukicho can be a little shady.

Even though if money isn't an issue, I highly recommend staying at a share house. Way cheaper than a hotel, and you'll get to meet other travelers and Japanese people staying there as well.


Don't. Buy. Anything. From. Akihabara.
Just about everything is overpriced. Go to Nakano Broadway or Ikebukuro for your otaku needs.

Also be warned, adult stuff is around just about every corner. Expect to see ecchi just about as much as you see McDonalds in America (if not more so).


Your right but...I bought this Guts figure there. It was my first time in Japan and I wanted a memorable souvenir. Let's just say it hurt my wallet alot. :( But I have no regrets.:)


Hey hey. Ecchi is the bomb!:)

Jan 29, 18 at 6:12am

thank you all :) I really appreciate your answers a lot <3


I've never been to tokyo myself but I am planning a trip in June, from people I've talked with Shibuya is the best all around place for the night life (bars, pubs, clubs, and outside drinking)

If your looking for a bigger variety of bars with an international crowd Shinjuku's Golden Gai is your spot.

From what I've been told I would avoid Kabukicho if you dont speak fluent japanese. A few people have told me about being over charged for drinks/riped off, and one person even said the got roofied and woke up to a bunch of crazy charges on there credit card. If its true or not im not sure. But from what I've heard Kabukicho is fine to walk around just dont drink there.

Let us know how your trip is im anxiously waiting for mine


K House in Asakusa is a great hostel to stay at while in Tokyo. Clean, inexpensive, and great for your first trip. Oh an the maps of Tokyo are make things seem much further apart than they actually are.

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