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The Darker Side of Japan

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kiowiri commented on The Darker Side of Japan
Feb 26, 16 at 11:01pm
This account has been suspended.

Haven't seen racism at all here but I'm not looking. Japanese chicks that are young adore black dudes. Idk why but I know many. The only dark shit I've seen is the prostitutes pretending to give legitimate massages and Yakuza beatdowns and licks.

Mar 31, 16 at 3:31am

As a reply to one of the first comments about the 5000 dollar fee for littering. that explains why it was so clean when i went. And my host grandma was a rebel.

anon5213 commented on The Darker Side of Japan
Jun 17, 16 at 1:11am
This account has been suspended.
Jul 03, 16 at 9:49pm

well there not much racism in this video at all, and just watch out for getting scam.. they love to scam is good to have a person that known how to doge all those sweet words traps!

Nov 05, 16 at 7:53am

We fail to remember that no country and no people are perfect. America has it's share of darksides as well. History is dark, brutal and terrifying but instead of shying from it, we need to accept it, learn from it and move on, all while keeping a close eye on that past so we don't repeat it. We can't really say anything about Japan hiding their history when many other countries have done just that, including the US, Germany, Britan etc. There are bad and terrible things that happen all over the world, even at this very moment but most don't want to acknowledge those actions because it scares us from the false comfort we've made for ourselves.

Nov 25, 16 at 3:10am

Used to be married to a japanese guy, lived with japanese people for 5 years, there is a dark side to japanese culture. However one could argue there is a dark side to any culture in the world.

Nov 26, 16 at 4:47am


There are red light districts in most countries in the world.
It's pretty unrealistic to think a country does not have a darker side.
There's much more "light" culture Japan has to offer =)

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