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Watching anime together!

Feb 05, 21 at 1:49am

At least we have one vote for Wonder Egg Priority so far~

I would set the time on 6pm EST


I haven't seen Ghost stories. But I've seen some clips and it's funny.

Feb 05, 21 at 4:47am

Looks like Wonder Egg Priority is leading~

if we have some space, we can watch a bit Ghost Stories after it @amir_bahram - if you want to join

Feb 05, 21 at 6:08am

Alright~ I will send everyone who's interested a link to the room then.
We will start at 6pm EST

Feb 05, 21 at 1:55pm

As fun as it would be to just go in there n crack jokes, talk shit, and be an obnoxious child. I'm busy at that time. I'll pass *yeet*

Feb 05, 21 at 1:56pm

you're fine my favourite weaboo <3

Feb 05, 21 at 1:58pm

I'm my favorite weaboo too

Feb 05, 21 at 3:45pm

Alright, I sent all peeps who was interested a PM


You guys still doing this? and is it on saturday nights? I can possibly do that

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