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AX 2017

йෆıя commented on AX 2017
May 02, 17 at 5:57pm

YEA alot of people dont take a damn shower so the point it really stunk up AX couple years back since its PACKED and when i mean packed i mean PACKED ~
Lmao you should tell them ~

Yuusaku commented on AX 2017
May 02, 17 at 8:22pm

What have I gotten myself into...?

Never been so I hope it'll be fun. I'm not a fan of this buying tickets for events. Well, I never been to a convention that did that and especially for autographs. I better see what industry celebrities will be doing signings so I can plan accordingly.

deejayanime commented on AX 2017
May 03, 17 at 1:49am

Solid Advice since it's your first time: bring plenty of water bottles. they'll rob you blind with the prices they sell these things at (food included).
As for me, I'm thinkin about goin as Jotaro with my friend. We might both go as him actually xD either that orone of us could go as Star Platinum. One Punch Man isn't out of the question either. Still debating T.T

rounin commented on AX 2017
May 09, 17 at 12:15pm

Will be the first time going!

SinfulRockstar commented on AX 2017
May 10, 17 at 9:24am

Im going but not cosplaying. And the bo is ridiculous. I should walk around spraying people XD

Whitewolf commented on AX 2017
May 18, 17 at 9:26pm

Yeah, I'll be there touring for a bit. I'm also going to Project Anime at the same time. Looking forward to network and see how AX is run.

inter_change commented on AX 2017
May 21, 17 at 1:07pm

Going. And curious to see what is different from last time I was there 4 years ago. Probably only longer lines and a longer badge pickup.

mx_ghoul commented on AX 2017
Jun 05, 17 at 6:56pm

I am not gonna cosplay this year. I wanna go to panels exhibit hall, cosplay gathering, and meet up some cool people.

Travisemo007 commented on AX 2017
Jun 06, 17 at 1:55am

Aye, im totally going. got my badge and plane ticket. and schyched for the concert on the 30th! cant wait x3!! <3 ! if i cosplay, ill be charizard. easy to pack, easy to put on, and fun to be a dragon Rawr x@!!!! xD i kinda want to cosplay Izuku Midoriya from My hero academia. But...part of me doesnt want to be sweating alot since he wears pants and long sleeves. soooo ya..probly just charizard lol. Plus ULTRAAA!!!!! xP cx

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