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LINE Group Chat?

May 24, 16 at 10:40am

My ID is centipedeee
Please add me.

May 28, 16 at 7:31pm

Is it okay if I add everybody here cause I have no otaku friends irl....
(my ID: thepoeticapple)

May 30, 16 at 8:06am

my id is legendaae127
invite please ??.....

♡ A-Mei-Zing ♡ commented on LINE Group Chat?
♡ A-Mei-Zing ♡
May 30, 16 at 11:51am

I have no idea what my ID is so hopefully this will do :)

Jun 05, 16 at 5:53am

my line ID is 99an88
anyone can add me if you want to ;)

Jonathan commented on LINE Group Chat?
Jun 06, 16 at 8:16pm

Add pls? I_am_that_halfie is my ID

Jun 06, 16 at 10:50pm

Here's my line info. Please add me to the group.

Jun 08, 16 at 4:08am

I'd like to join the chat as well! mioakiyama7

Jun 25, 16 at 12:34am

I want to. My id: ronatabaa

Jun 25, 16 at 1:21am

Line I.D is sica1990

Fair warning I'm notorious for not looking on my phone for hours sometimes a day or two.

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