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LINE Group Chat?

Aug 24, 18 at 5:30pm

Me too please ID is KarnevalsNiji

Sep 17, 18 at 11:30pm

My line ID is Sarah and with the open pink flower emoji. Profile pic is a girl with braided brown hair.

Sep 22, 18 at 1:41am

ID is overtherainbow909

Sep 24, 18 at 7:28am

Hey! My Line ID is sonaynaynay

Sep 24, 18 at 2:14pm

me too ID wargreiger

anaheim commented on LINE Group Chat?
Feb 09, 19 at 7:17am

My I'd arimakotarou

Feb 23, 19 at 12:32am

If this is still alive, I don’t mind joining. My id is apark98

Mar 23, 19 at 11:58am

Line Id:rikkatogashi

Mar 23, 19 at 3:04pm

Me too. Anyone can add me as a friend as well. Line ID: lghtn_chaser

Apr 11, 19 at 10:01am

LINE is a social media app like Messager and KakaoTalk

I didn’t know if this group was still active so I invited everyone in this thread to a new group chat ‘Anime Club’

If anyone else would like to join they can - just click on the link

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