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Come One, Come All! Skype Group!

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Mar 13, 14 at 10:21pm

Kyetge! Come join us! We won't bite!


Add me to chrisdrking

Mar 15, 14 at 4:01am

alyxandra.yuschak14 that's my Skype name

Mar 17, 14 at 11:13pm


Recently a majority of people have asked to come in the group, have joined, but have not spoken one word in the group. I deleted a good handful of people who did invite themselves in, and didn't introduce themselves to the community. Now, where I'm getting at with this is, YOU NEED TO BE ACTIVE. With a lot of people in one group, a lot is happening, and it is, personally, hard for me to keep up. If you are just going to sit there, and not participate with everyone, then, sorry for being blunt, don't join. Skype glitches enough since we have 25+ people in a group.

I'm not saying go in our calls, just chatting every now and then would be nice, and polite. So, just a heads up for any of the newcomers.

Also, if you were kicked from the group, message me if you'd like to be added in again, but, please do pay mind to my requirements.

Thank you!


Ayaka, sorry for the wait, but you are being added now!

Mar 18, 14 at 11:38am

Try adding my by my email, i made it just for this site


Seki doesn't know what she's talking about.

The requirements is that you need to mail me a banana pie, maybe some cookies. And then you'll be accepted into the group.

But remember! Only mail it to me!

Mar 21, 14 at 12:08pm

Shamundo, shut your banana pie eatin, cookie eatin face.

Mar 21, 14 at 3:54pm

Sounds like fun! May I join? my skype is rinatan-chu~
Hope to see you all there ^^


My skype name is smehistia ^_^ I'd love to skype!


No SEKI! I will not be silenced!

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