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Short Hair Vs. Long Hair?

kc_watz @kc_watz commented on Short Hair Vs. Long Hair?
kc_watz @kc_watz
Oct 14, 14 at 8:41pm

As much as I want to, I can't say I don't have a preference. I have a high n tight style so maybe im being hypocritical, but I don't think I could handle a gal with hair so short it looks like a buzz cut.
Also, having hair that's so long it touches the ground like cousin It would be bad too

Oct 18, 14 at 2:25am

i actually wanted to ask you guys about your opinion.... As you can see on my profile pic, my hair is getting long.... Which look do you thing suits me best? Here are two pictures, one with really long hair (from like 10 years ago) and another one with shord hair... can't make up my mind... All opinions are welcome =/




First off, I'd like to say, you're very handsome.
Personally, I like your look either way.
The long hair really brings out the softness in your eyes and softens your facial features, and it looks like you took very good care of it(always a plus).
The short hair, however, really opens up your face and brings out your masculine jaw-line.

You look great either way, so now the question is, how much of a hassle was having long hair? Was is somewhat of a hassle and if so, do you want to deal with it again?
I say grow it out. If it's troublesome to continue keeping it healthy, you can always cut it off.


I think both hair is fine but for my opinion short hair is better because can avoid many thing. Also if you got a long hair you can scare the kids in the Halloween.

cuddles_thecatdemon @cuddles_thecatdemon commented on Short Hair Vs. Long Hair?
cuddles_thecatdemon @cuddles_thecatdemon
Oct 19, 14 at 10:58am

I prefer guys with short hair

Oct 25, 14 at 9:57pm

Guys with short hair look manlier which I like.

ritsuioko23 @ritsuioko23 commented on Short Hair Vs. Long Hair?
ritsuioko23 @ritsuioko23
Oct 25, 14 at 10:13pm

Long hair all the way! I hope my future GF has long hair!!

Elizan @elizan commented on Short Hair Vs. Long Hair?
Elizan @elizan
Oct 25, 14 at 10:29pm

@rayzei you look good the way you look now. With long hair and that wine glass you look a little rapey (no offense)

I like any hair on a guy as long as it fits their face.


Girls with long hair make me all wiggily inside xD but I like girls with short hair too. idk don't make me decide TT__TT

Nov 02, 14 at 9:37pm

I am very attracted to a girl with short hair........Blame anime crush

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