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Whatcha doin?!?


Am now a proud owner off. . .

Arc @arc commented on Whatcha doin?!?
Mar 30, 21 at 9:15pm

that makes me remember when I lived in LA and had to deliver mail to the playboy mansion. I've never seen such a swank place in my life. It was like a paradise for the super rich and famous


I'm trying to make my Lolibit costume not shoe too much skin it kinda looks like the playboy costume just orange and purple -w-

Mar 30, 21 at 10:16pm

My back gate collapsed this evening. No sooner had it fallen when this tiny insignificant speck of a spider begun spinning a web across the 7 foot width. I was so impressed I felt true guilt in dismantling the creature's creative carpentry. If it could talk I'd imagine the spider to say, "Hello neighbor! See you are in need of a repairman. Look no further for I have taken it upon myself to install a new fence! It even comes with a built in security mechanism to prevent intruders of the property. What does all this cost you may wonder? Hoho! Merely a cut of all the flying insects that might get caught within your newly secured perimeter. You are welcome!" Of course as we know the spider did not in fact say such things as spiders do not speak the language of humans.


Watching the penthouse

Apr 02, 21 at 3:25am

Being jealous of her beauty


About to rewatch the persona 3 movies again for like the sixth time.


Bothering Dallas

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