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Random text conversations you have had

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I came out to my irl bestie (yup, i am still in the closet, because it isn't acceptable here) and she was like:

lmao i love her

Aug 13, 17 at 8:34am

i always make the random text or chat with my office secretary. xD
she's too cute and adorable to mess around with.
she is slow in picking up the pace.
Late for work.
she chatted and asked where i am.
so i decided to reply her back with a lyric.

Sep 04, 17 at 12:27pm





Sep 04, 17 at 12:29pm

Also more recently:

"Did the bomb explode yet?"
"Are you dead?"

- "Yes. Dead inside."


Hey Jesus, you can still see their username in the sent to "[K0P] Jesus >>" just letting you know so you can fix it


Nice save

Gonta Cheeto commented on Random text conversations you have had
Gonta Cheeto
Sep 05, 17 at 11:47pm

Oh thanks man that helps

Yea she found out from a mutual friend I told that i didn't like her and didn't even wanna talk to her (even tho she went out of her way to post in the same threads and add me). It could of went better but...welp

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