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Random thoughts...

May 05, 21 at 2:10pm



Anime protagonists jumping from a tall building


im bored asf


Mom: do you wanna spot me $50, im out shopping rn

Me: yeah lemme water this plant real quick cuz money grows on trees or something


im excited to finally play shinobi striker


I'm excited about possibly being able to finally see Sailor Moon Eternal next month.
And I'm also excited about the 4th Puella Magi movie in the works, along with the second season of Magia Record.

May 06, 21 at 12:01am

I wonder what a live action zatch bell would look like, O or better yet bobobo bo bo bobo that would prob be funny


I hate myself for choosing to cut 4mm titanium with an angle grinder. Shit takes forever, a tiny piece took 15 minutes, that's it, buying a metal bandsaw next paycheck.


I wonder how many people would choose immortality if they were actually offered it. Out of those who chose it I also wonder how many of them would end up regretting it.


Depression sucks. I starded having it since 2016. Every task I do in my life feels heavy. For me it takes a ton of effort to do my university taks, my job and my life. I feel empty after all of it. All of it just feels heavy, all of the time.

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