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What Anime made you cry?

Gawdleee commented on What Anime made you cry?
Jun 27, 18 at 4:57am

Angel beats, Anohana and One Piece are the only ones to have made me cry
The OP for Anohana is the best *^*

Jun 27, 18 at 8:31am


Jun 28, 18 at 1:45pm

ano hana made me cry so much and ofc your lie in april, mahou shoujo site (when nijimin dies) , owari no seraph , WHEN MARNIE WAS THERE (that movie is awesome go watch it if u havent) , koe no katachi , kimi no na wa ,kiznaiver, zankyou no terror , kokoro ga sakebittagaterunda, violet evergarden (i cried every ep ;-;) , 5 centimetres per second
im so emotional lmao these are the ones that i remember!

Jul 09, 18 at 9:54pm

Pretty much all of Makoto Shinkai's stuff gets me pretty good. Some others were Gosick, Your Lie, 3-Gatsu No Lion, Ano Hana, A Place Further than the Universe and probably many more.

Jul 09, 18 at 9:59pm

Clannad and angel beats I know made me cry. Garakowa and Ef~ A Tale of Memories came really close and the final arcs of Higurashi always hit me for some reason.

Jul 10, 18 at 2:04am

There's this one phrase in Naoki Urasawa's Monster that gets me every time. It's the phrase "tomorrow will be a better day" and not to spoil it for those who've yet to see/read it, but both scenes it's said are incredibly strong and due to personal reasons just reading or hearing it is enough to get me to tear up uncontrollably.

Jul 10, 18 at 6:49am

i cry too much. but anohana i never stopped crying

my line id .parul.

if u have a chat group

toru commented on What Anime made you cry?
Jul 10, 18 at 8:31am

I'm disappointed in all of you, how is no one talking about the ending of madoka magika?? Do you even care about homura-chan?! *shakes head at the ground* hit me hard guys

Jul 10, 18 at 8:47am

ehh, Mami dying and scene where she kills everyone were more sad than the ending. Plus Homura loses most of my sympathy with the shit she pulled in Rebellion

Jul 10, 18 at 8:48am

Well this is an odd one because it's not a sad type of anime.

Shirobako, an anime about making anime, there is a scene where the MC just starts crying and for some reason I just lost it too.

Great show.

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