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I can't unsee it -.-

Aug 31, 17 at 1:03pm

Roshi ruled soooo hard on that episodee!!! Still hoping for Gohan's true power in action... Let's see what the next episode will bring

. commented on Dragonball Super Topic
Sep 02, 17 at 11:03pm

this episode felt dumb and lack luster, plus roshi pretty much almost died cause goku was too busy fooling around and getting tentacled... At least we got to see a bit of Tien. I just hope the next episode isn't a let down

Sep 03, 17 at 11:39am

I like how the sniper was trying to take out Gohan, Piccolo, Goku and Vegeta.... when Roshi was pretty much a sitting duck. I like how in 47 minutes these guys somehow find time to rest up and whatnot.

Sep 04, 17 at 12:00am

I wonder what is Frieza doing or plotting... that can't be good. Toriyama don't you dare touching Roshi!!! He got rid of 3 enemies last episode and that's quite a lot!!! It seems he will kick some ass next one too. That's what martial arts are for, to kick ass not to hide and run like sissies... #PunIntended

Sep 12, 17 at 12:49am

What is people thinking here about the theories on Vegeta being the next to be off the tournament? Apparently is Mageta and Frost's ordeal... We'll see

Sep 15, 17 at 9:36pm

I didn't watch the last episodes preview, but I don't think Vegeta will lose any time soon. I think Vegeta is much more likely to clean up after Goku's mistakes. Goku has gotten a lot of the spotlight recently, and even so has Gohan.

Sep 17, 17 at 8:44pm

I cant' wait for the one hour special!! I hope for a good animation and some unexpected things.

Jikko Von Satsujin commented on Dragonball Super Topic
Jikko Von Satsujin
Sep 18, 17 at 1:50pm

They need to work together but hopefully in the manga that all changes

Sep 18, 17 at 5:20pm

The manga always fix the anime mistakes (talking about DBS). The sad part is that you have to wait a month to read the new chapter :(

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