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Jul 29, 17 at 5:44pm

@DERP maybeeeeeeeee but wouldnt that sort of defeat the purpose of SSB? SS3 drains energy at an extremely fast rate whereas SSB is about controlling your Ki


@Gurren Maybe as a temp form, or finds a balance in between (SSJB2)?

Jul 29, 17 at 5:51pm

@DERP maybe, maybe. They've sorta dicked around the SSB form at this point so idk if they'll stay with that or move past it.

Jul 29, 17 at 6:10pm

mystic goku would be pretty fucking cool, I'd love to see a SSJB3 goku (especially since he told Caulifa about the form). I can't imagine tho it seems like it should be obvious? I wanna see Roshi take down Ayy lmao

Jul 30, 17 at 1:04am

Personally I'm in the boats that:

a) Goku gets knocked out of the tourney. Having him not able to fight at all for the rest of the survival tourney would really start to bring some perspective to him about the mess he made since he can't fight for his home anymore and his friends and family are on their own. Of course, maybe that's asking too much from Goku, but I think it would be a good lesson that needed to be learned.

b) Gohan becomes the one who accesses a new form. Sure we've got Gohan with potential unleashed again but combining that with God Ki sounds like a recipe for something SUPER. A little bit biased of me since Gohan's one of my favorite characters, but between SSJ2 with Cell and Mystic/Ultimate with Buu, he can make a new form look badass. Super Saiyan Blue 2 Gohan, I can see it. Heck, maybe it's even a different color.

Jul 30, 17 at 7:02pm

Some really cool ideas there VeZeal. I don't really see Gohan ever taking center stage again, he was a laughing stock up until this arc but I'm glad he's being serious again haha. I'm real pumped to see him and Piccolo in sync do some damage, I'm sure that's an episode coming up soon. I keep forgetting Tenshinhan is involved haha... but Roshi is awesome.

I think white SSJ hair would look really cool for another potential form. But it's been cool to see them utilize more forms throughout Super, even base forms. Either way I think we can all agree SSJB won't be the last.

Jul 31, 17 at 1:17am

@VeZeal just loved your theoriess!!! It would be fantastic that coming true.

@markrodriguez I don't think 18 was harsh on him... If this wouldn't have been a battle royale well... For a change... he would had died now, again!!!

I think is all Muten Roshi's fault 'cause he didn't teach them to keep the guard up. Instead Goku and Krillin let their guard down ALL the time even after so many years... I guess Roshi did that to be able and beat them as Jackie Chun back when they were kids yet it still has some unfortunate consequences

Finally getting some action and proper combats I would say... I really felt last episode def showed some more of what I was expecting since the beginning of the arc

Jul 31, 17 at 8:12am

I'm curious as to how the Magical Girl Universe 2 girls are going to fight.


Finally someone with some sense X'D

Aug 06, 17 at 1:31am

Android 17 is a BEAST. Vegeta should of got more time with his little skirmish...

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