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Jul 24, 17 at 9:12am

To be fair, it's nothing new for Dragon Ball. Remember how easily Goten and Trunks could go super? Remember how quickly everyone's powerlevels shot up between Raditz and Frieza? And let's not forget how much stronger Gohan is in the beginning, who mind you is younger than when Goku started training with Roshi.

Point is, power scaling has always been a thing between the characters here. Plus it gives other characters a chance to shine instead of it always being Goku or Vegeta. U6 Saiyans are pretty interesting but I also wish they showed them growing over a period of time instead of basically sneezing into higher and higher super forms.

Jul 24, 17 at 11:28am

Jiren too OP, plz nerf

Jul 24, 17 at 12:19pm

Ugh... the way 18 dissed Krillin right after all those sweet moments as a team almost ruined the previous episode for me. Yeah, Krillin messed up, but he did help take out 3 fighters and saved 18 herself from falling out. Anything 18 does from here on out is thanks to Krillin saving her.

I see SSJBlue is getting treated the same way as SSJ4 was in GT. It's a new form and it's awesome in the arc its introduced, but then anyone and their brother can kick Goku's ass in his new form the very next saga.

The Universe 6 Saiyans, Caulifla in particular are quick to learn new forms, but I guess Dragonball has always done that just to keep other characters consistent in the stories. Goku barely learned to fly, we just have everyone else fly. The Super Saiyan form was so difficult to achieve, let's just have Goten and Trunks do it just because. Let's have Piccolo fuse with Nail and suddenly be the strongest guy in the series, then fuse again with Kami and suddenly make him stronger than the Super Saiyans. Super kinda follows suit.

I mean when you really think about, Cell and the Androids should be weak as shit. There was no way Gero would have known how powerful Super Saiyans were to make creations powerful enough to take them down. In fact, Gero DIDN'T know and honestly if the guys didn't train extra hard specifically for that day, Gero and 19 would have killed them all. There was really no way some guy on Earth was capable of creating machines more powerful than the most powerful thing in the universe.

Jul 24, 17 at 1:03pm

I dunno, with SSJ4, Goku was being stupid with using energy blasts like everyone else against Super 17. And I kind of give the Shadow Dragons a pass since they're the final bosses.

I agree with the Androids, but I think Cell makes somewhat sense. It's not like he was born overwhelmingly strong. He absorbed many cities of people to get that level of strength before he transformed into his later forms. And with the Androids already strong, that just made his strength jump even higher.

Jul 29, 17 at 2:04am

I'm loving it, but the uselessness of blue is insane, just considering the hype around it and what the form was supposed to be (the weaker red form was supposed to be a challenge for beerus) yet a weaker Broly shakes off a wave from ssb? It's not the first time power scaling has been like this though, but it's been an awesome 100 episodes so far

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Jul 29, 17 at 2:08pm


Jul 29, 17 at 2:29pm

Pretty excited for tonight's episode. Looks like it's going to be Saiyans versus the bottom half of the pride troopers.
Also it's been kind of disappointing we've seen next to nothing of Gohan or Frieza so far. Maybe they're holding them back for the end of the tournament when it's universe 7 vs 11?

Jul 29, 17 at 2:34pm

New episode can't come soon enough.

I'm loving Caulifla.

Anyone else think Jiren looks freaking lame? Like not even very Toriyama-like.

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Jul 29, 17 at 5:19pm

What are the odds goku gets a new form? I'm excited to see some 17/18 action finally I think it's only 2 more hours till new episode!

Jul 29, 17 at 5:23pm

@jesus 100% chance Goku gets a new form haha. Maybe not tonight though. The more I've been thinking about it, I think Goku's new form won't be a Saiyan power boost, but Ultimate Goku, like Ultimate Gohan. It sort of would bring full circle his powers, by both the God of Destruction and the Supreme Kai.

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