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What anime needs a new season

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Mar 11, 17 at 6:07pm

@Khadrian I loved Ga-Rei: Zero. They trolled the hell out of me. Go in first episode thinking these are the main characters.

Mar 14, 17 at 11:20pm

Bleach! Brynhildr In The Darkness, Hitman Reborn, Tokyo ESP, Tokyo Ravens, Black Bullet, Magical Warfare

Mar 17, 17 at 7:18pm

No game No life is one I'm seriously needing to get another season
Even though its gonna have a movie, it probably won't be enough

Mar 17, 17 at 7:54pm

No Game No Life, as has been stated. And we need more Devil is a Part Timer!

Mar 17, 17 at 10:15pm

No Game No Life is getting a Movie, they have stated that they simply aren't far enough in the LN for a full season yet.

Mar 17, 17 at 10:17pm

I also agree more Devil is a Part Timer! would be amazing.

Mar 18, 17 at 8:05am

Hoping for HXH

Mar 18, 17 at 8:44am

No Game no Life as been stated numerous times. I would love to have Kingdoms have another season, as the Manga is a truly amazing piece of work. Another one that would be nice to have another season is Log Horizon as it had an interesting take on being in a Video Game. Oh, and of course you need Overlord to get another season.

Mar 20, 17 at 9:56pm


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