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My Artworks

Mar 30, 21 at 11:37pm

Constructive crisis cm; it kinda look like the Pokemon logo maybe modify it a bit ( if thats what you were going for ingore this)
My gerenal thoughts: it looks cite can't wait to see it finshrd :D


Finished, Really liked the more San-Serif style I was going for. My idea behind this came from an old team idea I had for Pokemon VGC back in the ORAS days when I started to play competitively and made friends in college. I wanted to call my team the Rising Souls to represent ourselves as newcomers to the scene. This logo is an idea of what that team insignia could look like. The original had a Serif font to it, but for some reason I liked the Impact font. Constructive Criticism is still appreciated


So they were going for pokemon

Mar 31, 21 at 10:47pm

@aaronsenpai shut up dad -w-
@projectotakux cute i absolutely love it keep up the good work :D


WIP on another vector illustration:


Ironically I am not a fan of Doctor Who, but I once thought of selling wood plaques at one point and this was one of the ideas that came to mind.


I would be lying if I said this took more than 8 days to finish. Ok I am kidding

Proud of this one actually like how I did the outline and background. Gonna go back to thumbnails for the next one.

Apr 08, 21 at 6:04am

Your artwork looks influenced by the style of Jamie Hewlett or from the recent anime "Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!"

I'm sure others come to mind, but that is what I see in your line work.

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