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Ask Me, UT
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Jul 21, 18 at 3:30pm

Decided to stop hiding behind an anime image (despite how much I love the "Lodoss" franchise). Hopefully my mug doesn't scare off too many of ya.

Jun 06, 18 at 2:15am

Okay, I guess the site was glitching or something - but, until just a few moments ago. I couldn't reply to anything on here. Forums, direct messages, you name it.

Well, at least I was finally able to respond to everyone that's sent me a message the past few days.

May 16, 18 at 6:31am

It's 5:31am over here... Why am I still awake?

May 02, 18 at 7:03pm

Okay, for some reason the site isn't letting me reply to messages right now... Server maintenance?

Apr 30, 18 at 7:22am

Okay, updated my "Info" tab/page again. Not too much of a change. Just spaced things out a bit more, to make it easier to read... Though, I'm not sure I like how it looks now.

Apr 30, 18 at 1:55am

Okay, time to get to editing the next video for me channel. After all, "Mega May" is starting. So, it's probably a good idea for me to have all me vids edited an uploaded - on time.

Apr 30, 18 at 1:46am

Okay, note to self: When updating what cons I've been to, this site will spam my wall with that information... Why don't we just have a separate tab for that, again?

Apr 30, 18 at 1:35am

You know, sometimes I wonder just how bad the messaging system on here is. Because, I swear that this site has eaten at least 12 messages, people say they've sent my way - over the past week.

Apr 27, 18 at 11:38pm

I'm both ashamed and proud of making this bad pun image.

Apr 27, 18 at 8:47am

By the Gods! FINALLY!!! My College finals are complete!
All I need to do now is present it in class on Tuesday... I can finally sleep again!

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