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Last online about 8 hours ago
Bountiful, UT
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May 16, 19 at 4:50am

After many years working towards this day, I finally have my little fox buddy: "Miles McCloud"!

May 07, 19 at 4:19pm

Decided to update my profile photo. Not a fan of the bad lighting in this place (though, that might be due to my horrible 10+ year old webcam), but eh. What can ya do? Gotta work with what equipment you've got, right?

Apr 13, 19 at 1:21am

I still remember when this picture was taken.
I was walking around Banzai, when the Misa cosplayer tugged my sleeve - and asked for a picture.
Then, after the picture was taken with the two of them - they just sorta walked off.
To this day, I wonder who they were - and what got them into the series to begin with.

Apr 13, 19 at 1:13am

Still sort of lost as to how to reply to comments and such on here.
People have told me that I just need to verify my account, and I have.
But, I still don't see the option to do so - when looking at comments and the like.

okane_o_kudasai left a comment for zaraxion
Apr 12, 19 at 3:12pm

THanks for accepting me into your life uwu!

Mar 12, 19 at 4:59pm

And like that, I will officially be the proud owner of a pet fox - this may!

Mar 05, 19 at 11:38pm

Not sure what I want to do tonight.
I was debating on more Tetris 99, but I've already spent way too many hours in it today.

Feb 23, 19 at 2:23am

It's getting hard to tell who's sent me friend requests, and who I sent some too.
Oh well, time to see if there's anyone knew to welcome to the site.

Feb 14, 19 at 9:19pm

Yet another v-day...
Time to lock myself away, until the chocolate goes on sale at midnight.

Feb 07, 19 at 3:40am

I think I'm gonna re-work my "info" tab.