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22 year old Female
Last online about 2 years ago
Dallas, TX
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Tibbs @tibbs left a comment for wolfgirl19
Oct 09, 20 at 12:59pm
Hey I live right outside of Dallas. Maybe we could talk sometime? DM or Discord?
Da fk lol. Just to let ya know, I had nothing to do with anyone talking to you. For you to assume that is very insulting. My GF and I are living a happy life. You seem to love to accuse me, you must make it a hobby apparently since I'm such a "bad guy". Like I said, you don't know me. I never asked anyone to msg you nor put hate on you, that is a fact. Now leave me be and my GF alone! I'm going to stop coming here after this msg. I don't need this site anymore. You should grow up and stop making faulty misconceptions. Laterz Karen.
TheBoredAdventurer @theboredadventurer why tf were you even here then lol, bye
Hi everyone I'm sorry I haven't responded to you guys. I feel like a jerk. But someone has been bothering me on here and sending me messages on here. I gave myself a break and came back and so far I haven't heard anything from them. To: fruitageous Also if this is a friend from that fruit guy or it's you, you need to stop. I already said what I needed. And if your bothering me it's because something is going on in your relationship right? You don't need to be taken out your anger on me. All I did was tell her the truth, something you were planning on keeping secrets. I'm sure if your gf cheated on you would like to know right? At least before you made such a big decision that impacts your life. Well for her, she didn't get to know soon enough. What's petty is you gotta bother me about it. This is something that happened a long time ago and idk why you have to make up multiple accounts to bother me. You made a mistake! Not me, not her, not girls you were messing with. You made those choices so don't be it on me. For real, man up to your mistakes instead of fussing
Jul 28, 20 at 3:49am
From San antonio but wouldnt mind getting to know you or driving down there :p
lazyspark @lazyspark left a comment for wolfgirl19
Jul 25, 20 at 3:46pm
Some distance from Dallas, but you look like a fun person to get to know. May the schwartz be with you.
Angel @azriel214 left a comment for wolfgirl19
Jul 21, 20 at 4:46am
Yo, I'm from Dallas, wouldn't mind learning more about you
Hey ✌ Trying to meet people during this pandemic is... interesting But I like your vibes, so if you wanna talk I'd like that a lot. Hope I hear from you sometime soon!
Jun 10, 20 at 10:38am
diablus @diablus left a comment for wolfgirl19
Jun 08, 20 at 2:48pm
Hey! Add me back and let’s chat!
Jun 04, 20 at 7:58pm
Like I said, things are cleared up now. Your persisting this drama when its already passed. And she is a well capable woman! I love her genuinely, and nothing is going to change that! She's made up her mind, and Ive made up mine. If I didnt love her.... I wouldn't drive 1500 miles for her. I dont care if you have friends backing you or you may be friends with her, I stand beside what I said. You can either accept it or deny it, I dont care. But I will stand up for myself, just as she did. Yes theres truth in what you say, but that doesn't make me a manipulative womanizing freak. We live now honest lives and want to continue living together.